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MJD Realtors Team. Matt J. Doyle is a Broker Associate of Marcus & Millichap, working with a team of Real Estate professionals who can help you achieve your goal of Investment Sales in Commercial Real Estate. Matt Specializes in Office & Industrial Real Estate on the Caldwell Office & Industrial team. Licensed by the Department of Real Estate (CalDRE# 02031998) 

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We love what we do, and are here to help!!!

You’ve come upon that time in your life when you need or want to make a move. Whether you’re Selling your first piece of Real Estate, &/or exchanging from your current. Working with us, a team of dedicated professionals is likely the best move you can make. We also have a Financing team called MMCC, who can help you with your financing.

Benefits of using a realtor to sell your business:
1) List at the right price. Listing your properties at the right market price is a rule that Realtors must live by. ...
2) Better Real Estate presentations. ...
3) Get more buyer exposure. ...
4) Higher offers from buyers. ...
5) Organizing of tours. ...
6) Speeds up time to close. ...
7) Business sells at top dollar. ......

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