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MJD Destination Media & eZWay Network - IMDb Online Support & Payment Agreement
For good and valuable consideration the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, I have agreed and hereby agree to allow Matt J. Doyle and his team to:
1) provide online support by adding my production credit(s) on to IMDb (IMDb Credit subject to IMDb approval);
2) create or update my IMDb page by adding episode production details, cast & crew, show card/poster, trailer & synopsis.
Rate: * $300 for the initial set up of each NEW Title/Page on IMDb (include IMDb account/page set up and a free Web Page for your production);
          ** $100 monthly recurring charge for maintenance of each IMDb Page/Show.
I totally agreed and accepted the terms of this Agreement. I understand that the online submission can be used as my personal signature and complied to the internet law of the US. 

Please fill in as much information as you possibly could since this is all the information that will appear on your IMDb page. Of course, we’ll contact you for any further information if necessary. Please download and fill out this pdf form if you have more info required for submission. Thank you!


if you don't have an IMDb account, please enter "none", and we will help you sign up one later if necessary.

Yes No
Feature Film Shorts
Show Reality TV

Feature Films/Shorts/Show/Reality TV etc.

We will provide a web page upon your request.

We will provide a web page upon your request.)

Pick a date

e.g. $100,000

English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese & etc.

Series Productoin Info:

Name: Role: IMDb:

Name: Role: IMDb:

Please download the PDF form for submission of more information.

Please upload your Show Card/Poster

Upload your Teaser or other information to support your IMDb credit(s).

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