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Matt J. Doyle was born on September 16th and raised in Alexandra, Vic, AUS. Prior to his acting career in Hollywood, CA, USA, Matt studied performing arts in the early 1990’s at The Actors Center Australia. He also started his martial arts training in Muay Thai Kickboxing at the same time. He then achieved a Diploma of Modeling. Matt J. Doyle has been intensively trained at Aaron Speiser, Margie Haber, and Ivana Chubbuck Studios in 2000’s. He is still receiving private coaching by Chris Holder from Ivana Chubbuck Studios to enhance his acting skills. Matt J. Doyle has been professionally working on various Film projects, Web TV, and TV Show Series. He is on the way to accept more principal roles in Movies, Web TV, plus TV Show Series, where he can fully utilize his skills and life experiences. Ultimately, Matt is well-prepared for the leading roles of blockbuster hits. Matt J. Doyle is an honest and well-organized acting professional. He truly believes that he has the charisma and quality to succeed in the motion picture industry. His ultimate goal is to truthfully bring characters to life and via his powerful performances, create memorable breath-taking moments to the audience world-wide. For more Information, questions or bookings, please Contact Us. Thank you!

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