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Fighting Fit - BJC Muay Thai Kickboxing, USA!

Learn Freestyle, and BJC Muay Thai Kickboxing! Train at Home, in Class, or Privately by (BJC) WKA Certified Trainers/Instructors! Workouts, Lessons, Classes include Fitness Exercises, Routines and Drills, such as Stretching, Skipping, Shadow Boxing, Speed Ball, Bag Work, and training with Equipment. Train in a gym, or your living room, bedroom, spare room, garage, basement, etc! Out of Class Programs for Men, Women, and Children include Using Computers on Free Skype, or other Web Conferencing Software. We also use Online Video or DVD training! There is an Opportunity for you or others to Become Certified! Matt has also trained at (Sityodtong) Gym (Bob Jones) Masters Gym, and is a Certified 4th Degree Trainer. First Lesson Free! Contact us

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Fighting Fit - BJC Muay Thai Kickboxing. Home, Class, Kickboxing Training Equipment Moves, Videos on YouTube!

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