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Mark Byron Lane!

Mark Byron Lane!

Mark Byron Lane, MBA, Ph.D., born in 1961 in San Antonio Texas as a non-enrolled Chickasaw. The Gentry / Lane family is from Norman Oklahoma. Mark and his wife Dawna Diane were married November 5th 1983. They have two daughters, Amanda Marie Lane and Sarah Nichole Lane. They have three grandchildren, Autumn, Zoey and Caius by their oldest daughter, Amanda Lane.

Mark Lane’s interests in science started early in life, and was driven by observing a real rocket scientist at work. His step Dr. Charles D. Nunnelly, was on the team that designed the firststages of the Saturn and Apollo NASA missions.

At age 6, Mark was inducted into the NASA BRAT program for the gifted, this includes constant testing from MENSA consultant doctors to obtain and assess which unique gifts and abilities a child possess, as not only for educational purposes, but for government use in future endeavors.

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