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The Artist's Process - "TAP" is a Top Free Web, TV Show, Series! An exciting hip show where Artists can perform, plus showcase their talent and skills! TAP Interviews is a Spin off from The Artist's Process, and covers red carpets, studio interviews, live Streamyard interviews and behind the scenes.

Advertise on TAP now. Cheap affordable rates! View statistics are available upon request. We're currently on the Internet, as well as Television via the eZWay Network, including ROKU, APPLE, plus AMAZON FIRE TV.

You can watch the Videos below, to see Our Current Sponsors, and the Sizzlers of our Shows! This way you can see what we're all about.

To know our exceptional rates and/or statistics, please Contact Us 

For more info on The Artist's Process Web, TV Show, Series, please click on the following links:

IMDb - Facebook - GroupTwitter - YouTube - GoFundMe  TAP Interviews links: IMDb - Facebook - Group - YouTube

Or Visit Our Official Show The Artist's Process Web Page and/or TAP Interviews Web Page

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Watch The Artist's Process "TAP" Top Free Web, TV Show, Series, first Two Sponsors ads on YouTube!

Watch The Artist's Process and TAP Interviews, Top Free Web, TV Show, Series Sizzle Video Trailers on YouTube!

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